Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wooden Frames

This is a fun project that adds a lot to a blank wall.

heres how:

what you will need:

3 8x10 unfinished wooden frames (I got mine from hobby lobby when they were 30% off)
distress ink
curtain rod

1. Drill two holes at the top of each frame the desired distance apart 
2. Paint your unfinished wood the desired color.
3.  After it drys and it is the amount of coats you want, use the distress ink pad to antique the edges
4. String your ribbon through to hang the length you want.  You will need six strands of ribbon the same length.  I did two different colors of ribbon.  A dark brown and a sheer pink.  If you want to do something similar, you will need 12 strands of ribbon the same length, six of each color.
5.  Hang curtain rod according to its directions
6.  Once rod is hung, tie your ribbon around the curtain rod to let pictures hang.

Have fun!

for my distress ink pad i use this stuff and swear by it!  It is AWESOME!

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