Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wood Block Letters

When I was pregnant with my daughter I made these wooden block letters for her room.  I think with my boy, I am going to do them a little differently to hang on the walls but the idea is the same.  I LOVE them!  I think it adds a lot to the room, because you can add new patters, while still using the color scheme.

Here's how:

you will need:

block letters to spell name
scrap book paper for each letter
mod podge
a thick paint brush
sand paper
stain or paint
any embellishments you might want to add

1. Purchase a wooden alphabet block for each letter in child's name (letters can be purchased at craft stores, Wal-Mart, Target, etc.)

2. If the letter is not made out of stain-able wood, paint the letter using paint and a foam brush. Once dry, sand edges of letter using sand paper, if desired (for a vintage look).  I like to use stain.

3. Purchase scrapbook paper(s) of desired color and design (ideally mimic colors and theme of baby's nursery).

4. Purchase additional embellishments such as metal embellishments (brads, eyelets, spiral clips, etc.), coordinating ribbon, paper flowers, buttons, etc.

5. Place wooden letter on top of paper you'd like to cover the face of the letter with. Using a pencil, trace around the letter onto the paper. Cut the letter out of the paper just a little bit to the inside of the traced lines (so the paper doesn't hang over the wooden letter edge). Then place the paper letter on the top of the wooden letter. Make any trimming adjustments to the paper if necessary.

* Chalk the edges of the paper with a liquid chalk pad, if desired. (for a vintage look, use brown chalk).

6. Use Mod Podge or craft glue to cover the back of the paper letter with a thin layer of adhesive. Apply paper to wooden block and smooth out the paper.

7.  Optional.  Add a final coat of mod podge on top of the letters once they are dry and before any embellishments are added.  I just do it for a protective coat and to add texture.  But it is not needed.

8.  Add any desired embellishments.

Have fun!

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