Wednesday, April 27, 2011

72 hour kits

Derek and I officially completed our 3 month food storage supply.
As I was finishing up labeling everything, our 72 hour kits crossed my mind.
Im pretty sure we made them when we were first married, and have only updated them once in over 3 years.  Yuck.
I pulled those out today and went through them.  All our food had most definitely expired and they needed to be updated.  So once Derek got off work, I had my list in hand and we were off to go grocery shopping.

Here is what is in ours.  You can adjust to fit your family's needs or likes, but this at least gives you an idea of what to get.

1 sturdy backpack per person (or rolling suitcase), or some tupperware bins (preferably with wheels). You pretty much need something that you will be able to grab at a moment's notice and throw into the back of the car

1 change of clothes per person

1 set of scriptures per family

1 flashlight per person

batteries (I put 4 batteries per bag)

small first aid kit:
  • bandaids
  • medicine (I put Ibuprofen in Derek's, Tylenol in mine just in case I'm prego at the time, and infant advil for my kids)
  • sanitizing wipes
  • disinfectant
  • gauze
  • neosporin
  • ace bandage
personal documents (copies of birth certs, ss cards, wills, patriarchal blessings, insurance card copies, etc). It's also good to have copies of these to send to a family member who doesn't live in your same area

2 gallons water per person  (this is a MINIMUM.  3 gallons per person is ideal)  I could only fit 3-4 water bottles per back pack, but we have our 3 month supply of water in our garage ready for pick up.

$100 cash per family (make sure you have some change and small bills)

utility knife

battery powered radio and light  

small sewing kit 

    here is an example of food to store in your kits.  Remember to rotate every 6 months!
    1 lb dried fruit or trail mix per person  
    1 pkg soda crackers AND graham crackers per person (there are 4 pkgs per box)
    2 liter bottle of orange juice or similar per person (we did 4 caprisuns per person) 
    4 granola bars per person 
    3 fruit snacks per person
    1 can meat per person
    1 can chili per person
    1 can beans per person
    3 packages oatmeal per person
    2 sticks beef jerky per person  
    1 pkg chewing gum per person  
    3 packets hot chocolate mix per person  
    2 instant soup packets per person  
    1 roll of toilet paper per person  
    1 package baby wipes for Avrie
    feminine needs  
    infant needs  
    1/2 lb dried milk per person
    hard candy / lollipops  

2 lighters 

hand warmers

prepare blankets or sleeping bags to be accessible at a moment's notice  

1 small toothbrush per person 

1 travel size of the following per person:
  • toothpaste
  • soap
  • shampoo/conditioner
  • sunscreen
  • lotion
  • deodorant
  • floss
  • tissue
silver foil emergency blankets (one per person)

mosquito repellent  

duct tape


small entertainment (crayons, card games, etc) and paper/pencils  

work gloves (2 pair per family)  

mess kits or disposable plates/cups/bowls/utensils

sippy cup for Avrie

pet supplies  (not needed for our family, but something to think about if you have a pet)

candles, holders, matches  

aluminum foil

can opener  


garbage bags 

It is also good reminder to UPDATE your 72 hour kit EVERY 6 MONTHS.  Something I am going to be better at from here on out.  It is sad to waste food, or if crisis came, to not have good food on hand.  Also, keep a list of everything inside and their expiration dated inside each backpack, so the next time you update you know what to get and what to throw out.
Good Luck!

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