Monday, November 26, 2012

Homemade Advent Calendar

I was flipping through my latest issue of Family Fun magazine, when I spotted THIS idea for a homemade advent calendar using a mini muffin tin. I loved the idea, and couldn't wait to make one myself. Their instructions used magnet sheets, which is a brilliant idea. However, I didn't have any (or cute scrapbook paper), so I altered it to work with what I had on hand. I love how it turned out! Here's how I made mine:

Cut out white squares just large enough to cover the opening of your mini muffin tin (you need 24). Then cut circles out of red and green paper (12 each), just small enough to fit on your white squares (I traced a lid from one of my spices and it worked perfect).

Then number your circles.

To add some flare to the boring circles and squares, plus seal them with contact paper so they are reusable for future years; cut 48 squares out of contact paper, about a quarter of an inch larger on all sides then the white squares. Put the circle number-side down on one square of contact paper, then cut some strips from the other color construction paper and put those on too. The white square goes on another piece of contact paper. Flip over the circle sheet, line it up with the white square, and seal it together. Trim up the edges, and voila! One stripey muffin hole cover.

Repeat with all the numbers.

Fill your muffin tin with small treats (little candies, folded notes, etc.). I used Christmas stickers.

Put a ring of sticky tack (tape or other adhesive would also work) around the hole and seal it up!

My muffin tin conveniently had holes drilled into the top, so I threaded a ribbon through so I could hang it up. If you tin doesn't have holes, you could make your own holes (see the link to the original Family Fun instructions), hang it by the lip, or super glue some ribbon to the back. 

Hang up your completed advent calendar and get ready to count down to Christmas!

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